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Kemono Collection


No registration required!Grow your beauties in this free-to-play card battle game! Receive Gacha Presents and recovery items worth 2000 yen if you start now! Ravishing beast ladies await! - Over 400 cards of exceptional beauty! Gather various types of beast people with the genes of wolves, tigers, cats, and even fish and insects, and eliminate violent criminals hiding throughout the land! Beauties with attitude and entrancing illustrations abound!
- Unleash the power of the cards! Strengthen and evolve your cards to the limit! Illustrations become more beautiful with each evolution! Release the full power of cards with their final evolution!
- Endless events! Many exciting in-game events! Attractive rewards abound!- New cards introduced regularly! Cute girls, sexy ladies, buxom beauties... all kinds of female beasts will appear as new playable cards!
=====Game Introduction=====Players are "Tamers," who control the various types of beast people with the genes of wolves, tigers, cats, and even fish and insects. Assembling beast people via Gachas and quests, Players vie to create strong teams in a thrilling journey filled with battles against other Tamers, cooperative battles with friends, and takedowns of violent criminals that appear in various locations.
=====Story=====Star Year 0113 — Where once they had flourished on Earth, the number of pure humans declined and they came to be called prehistoric humans. In their place arose various types of "beast people" in great numbers, humans with the genes of wolves, tigers, cats, and even fish and insects.
—— Beast people. They come in many forms, from bipedal ones resembling prehistoric humans, to ones like giant insects. But regardless of appearance, there is no shortage of highly intelligent and violent types.
A major city once known as the capital. Home to the Central Agency, this city is where laws are upheld for the coexistence of prehistoric humans and demihumans.
The Central Agency spared no effort to maintain peace. The "Amagiri Security Corps," an elite team made of members handpicked from the military and police, helped secure the Agency's reputation and is the dream job of many youths.
Amagiri has but one mission. The capture or elimination of bounties on the Central Agency's list.
- Kemono Collection is recommended for players who enjoy:- Anime and moe- Free-to-play games- Card battle games- Social games- Card collection games- Beautiful card games- Games featuring beautiful girls- Buxom females- Beast people, furries, cat ears, dog ears. - Fantasy Genre
Note: If you are experiencing issues with the speed of the game,turning off effects may help. To do so, go to "My Page" and click"Settings" (yellow text halfway down the page).